ProgMapper is a MacOS utility for music performers which converts MIDI Program Change messages to Control Change messages and outputs them to a virtual MIDI port named "ProgMapperOut".

This is useful in the following cases:

  • You have a MIDI controller which can send only Program Change messages.
  • Your want to add a second guitar equipped with a MIDI foot controller to an application like MainStage and emulate preset changing via channel strips muting.
  • Your sequencer supports only Control Change messages to switch presets or tracks.


Easy Editing

Easily add, insert and remove Program Change mappings. Each parameter in a mapping can be edited directly as in a spreadsheet application.

MIDI Learn

Add a blank mapping, click the Learn button and hit a MIDI controller switch. ProgMapper will automatically set the MIDI channel and Program Change number to the mapping.

MIDI Monitor

The built-in MIDI monitor shows messages from all connected MIDI controllers. 


ProgMapper is free for personal and commercial use.
ProgMapper does not require installation, simply download the ZIP archive, unpack the application and run it.

Download ProgMapper (MacOS)

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